Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tired Eyes... NO More

Hello Everyone! So, it has been one of those weeks for me where my teachers have PILED on the work... tests, quizzes, papers, etc. and after 4 nights of late studying, I've started wearing the evidence. Luckily, I have some easy makeup tricks to help hide those dark-droopy-I really need to be sleeping right now- eyes!

First, when doing your morning beauty routine, wash your face with some type of exfoliating/ invigorating wash (Many drug store brands, like Clean&Clear make great morning washes). You should not exfoliate your face daily, but once or twice a week will help rid your face of dry, dead skin and expose a fresh layer. Wash your face with warm water and then finish with a splash of cold water, helping to close up your pores and wake you up!
Second, MOISTURIZE! Be sure and use a great moisturizer with SPF, and when applying around the eyes, DO NOT RUB (this pulls on your skin+lids making them sag even more). Instead, use your 3rd and 4th fingers, together, to PAT moisturizer ALL around the eye area. Next, choose an under eye concealer that is right for you. I use Lancome's Maquicomplet in Camee (this product should be 1-2 tones lighter than your face foundation color). Give the area a good swipe of the concealer, and use your concealer brush (looks like a flat paint brush) to spread the product out over the area. I go under my eye, across my brow bone, and in my inner eye (next to the the bridge of my nose) by turning the brush on its side and using the tip. Then, I use Lancome's Maquicomplet in Correcteur to give the inside and outside creases of my eye a tiny dot. Using your concealer brush again (preferably a smaller one if you have it) and gently spread this product in the creases. Next, I use Bobbi Brown's Eye Blender Brush along with her eye shadow in "Bone" and apply the light high lighter color ALLLL over. I go under the eye, eye lid, brow bone and creases. This color is great because it high lights the eye area without using a shimmer (I don't really like to wear sparkly eye color to school or in the morning). Finally, I curl my lashes with Revlon's eyelash curler (available at the drug store). Curling your lashes gives them a lift and makes your eyes look bigger, wider and more awake! BE CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS STEP and do it VERY slowly so that you don't pinch your lid. I give the curler a good squeeze and count to ten for each eye. It's important to do this step BEFORE you apply mascara because if you have dry product on your lashes and then curl them, THEY WILL BREAK!! After I have curled my lashes, I use Lancome's Definicils mascara in Deep Black. This mascara, in particular, is good for the morning because it wears well all day without chipping and separates the lashes making them look longer.
The greatest cure for dark circles and tired eyes is certainly sleep, hydration and nutritious foods, but these tricks are great for those days when coffee is the only thing keeping you awake!
**This process is a great prep for any normal eye makeup routine and is a great pick-me-up for those who travel often!

Enjoy and please feel free to comment and share your fav beauty secrets!


  1. Hey Hannah, it's your mom...and I can definitely use the tired eye tips-Thanks...Watching over four daughters certainly left me with a permanent squint in my eye and arch in my eyebrow! Beauty On my beauty!! Love you, mom

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