Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Quick Question?

Hello Pretties!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and trying to stay warm AND pretty in the cold! I had a couple of questions about different products and wanted to know if anyone had tried them... I was in Nordstrom's over the weekend, perusing the cosmetic counters and noticed Chanel's liquid eyeshadows! At first glance, I thought they were nail polish colors but, indeed, they were not. Have any of you seen/tested this peculiar little product?

Admittedly she's a guilty pleasure, but I really am DYING to sniff out Kim Kardashian's new perfume?!?! I'm intrigued to see what the vixen has put together and regardless of their outrageous tv personalities- ALL three sisters are trend setters in the world of cosmetics. Also, I'm personally in the market for a new scent- any suggestions? I have been wearing Narciso Rodriguez for her but I'm up for something new! I don't care too much for anything powdery or toooo floral. I like more of a musk/cologne -esque scent.

Finally, I just recently saw Neutrogena's commercial with Gabrielle Union for a new product. It's a spot reducing skin cream. I have a freckle spot on my cheek that I've had for a while and I'm anxious to see if this would help it fade... Have any of you tested this product?

I'll be out with a good "how-to" post soon but just wanted to put out some beauty food for thought! PLEASE comment with feedback/suggestions and as always... ENJOY!

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  1. Trying to post, HP. Haven't tried those products, but do recommend LaRoche Posay products (a Lancome Co.)...once avail. only by scrip,or at local Pharmacie-in Paris! U can now order online. Mela-D for spots, and Biomedic Retinol. They're great. Also, the suncreen we all use as a preventive to spots-you should write about that-it's fantastic, as you know...AquaSport 15...Perfume, I love mine, Eau du Soir, by SISLEY. Never too heavy, and works year round...it's so fresh. Love you, mom