Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi everyone! Welcome to all of the new members and thanks for the feedback... I hope you're all enjoying the posts and experimenting with the tans ;)

So, on the color front, the fashion forecast for Spring 2010 is HOT pink, orange, and fun foamy shades of blue and green! With such a vibrant palette for our closets, it would only be fair to give our makeup bags a color punch too!! For the lips, I have started rocking MAKE UP FOR EVER'S Lipstick in shade 203 (the second stripe on the arm below) which is an AWESOME hot pink. I originally bought it to wear with an outfit over the holidays but the color seems to be popping up everywhere now! Good purchase??.... I think so! Any fun pink shades will be great with your spring wardrobe and a pretty way to welcome warmer weather. Light ballerina shades (try NARS lipstick in "Cruising")will work great throughout the day (or even night time with soft eye makeup) and I also like a more purple-magenta esque color as well (this looks awesome with a "going out" face and will REALLY make your teeth look white). When I started experimenting with these colors, I discovered that when I used just a regular "pinkish" lip stick and blended it with some of my darker shades- the results were fabulous!! Use the top of your hand or the underside of your forearm and you can either apply the lipstick directly on or use a lip brush.... you will create your own little palette of COLORFUL SPRING PINKS! This is also a great way to be a Recessionista and find new colors with your old stuff! Please look back to my post about dark lipstick for some fool-proof lipstick application tips.

These are some different shades of pink that I came up with!!


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  2. I love pinks on spring summer break...when the flowers look so pretty around bringing so many colors why should we not?

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