Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's always this time every year that my skin gets so pale, I can literally see my veins...I am a ghost! However, tanning beds and sunbathing are TERRIBLE for your skin, so I thought that I would share some great secrets on how to fake that tan and sport a healthy glow for the winter.

First and foremost, remember that although most of us do look better with some color, it is still the middle of January and over-the-top unseasonable color is worse than looking like a ghost so DON'T OVER DO IT!
Before I start my makeup routine, I wash my face and moisturize + SPF (this is EXTRA important this time of year as the cold weather and wind will chap your skin)! I give my skin a minute to absorb the cream and then I apply benefit's Talk to the Tan cream. I squeeze a dime size
dollop on my finger tips and rub this all over my face like a lotion. This product is so awesome because it is super light, easy to apply evenly and does not shimmer; however, it will stain your finger tips so be sure to wash your hands with warm, soapy water right after you apply it! I use this product year round so depending on how much natural color I have, I will spread some on my neck and chest as well. This product is so amazing because it gives you great color but does not stain your skin or leave lines and finger marks like other self tanning products. After I have applied this base I use a large, soft bronzer brush and dust Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder (Medium 2) across my T-Zone (forehead + nose) and lightly on my cheeks. When you are applying bronzing powder, think of the places on your face where the sun most naturally tans... this will help you achieve the best color without looking like a cake-face! Afterwards, I always take a tissue and lightly wipe down my jaw line to get rid of any lines and blend the color from my face to neck. This is a great 2-step process for the winter because you can do as much or as little as you want depending on your natural tones. Talk to someone at the makeup counter when buying bronzing products and make sure that you are using the correct color- you don't want to look orange or too dark!

**Sun is the most damaging element for your skin and the quickest way to a wrinkley face. Always moisturize with SPF protection, no matter what time of year it is... a year without sunscreen is the same as a week of tanning at the beach! It is always better to fake your tan than burn your skin.

There are soooo many awesome self-tanning products out there, experiment with them and let me know your fav suntan secrets!


  1. Hannah, great tips! You know how you can literally see all my veins, hope this helps! :) Love you!

  2. These are some great tips! I am naturally fair and don't tan very well even in the sun. I've always been a little afraid of faking it - but I might give it a try!

  3. this post reminds me to get some more tanner...i am ghostly pale too, and a little color goes a long way.
    happy 'fake' tanning!
    xox alison