Friday, June 18, 2010

The Makeup Master

Happy Friday Everyone!

3 years ago I started working in a little boutique in Atlanta, Ga called "BethAnn's." It is an image boutique that carries everything from wild accessories to classic staple, handbags, belts, wraps and the list goes on. I had always been a fan of the boutique and BethAnn (think Meryl Streep meets fairy godmother), but became determined to work there because she also started her own makeup line.

The line is called "BethAnn" and although I am partial to the stuff- it is seriously some of the best product I have ever put on my face. Whenever I am using her bronzing powder regularly, I have found that it not only gives me great, natural color but also repairs blemishes! Once you know a little bit about the sage herself, you know why her products are so incredible. BethAnn was a model in the 1970's as well as an image consultant. She established her own line of cosmetics in 1980 and has been a makeup artist with her product since.

If you're from the Atlanta area I am sure you have heard of her name and talent...she has worked with many-a-face. Her style is very real and natural, and she applies her talent with the belief that wearing makeup is about personality. For her appointments, she insists that one come wearing a white blouse and a clean face. She likes to spend time talking and getting to know her clientele (usually with a glass of wine too ;) and then she will start the application. It is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in spa ambiance for glamorous results. I personally believe that because of her method and talent, BethAnn's clients always leave her studio with a fresh face of makeup high lighting their natural beauty and glow of personality.

Her makeup studio is a separate room inside of her boutique and all of her product can be found here too! You can check out her website for pictures of the store and inventory (, follow her blog for styling advice and makeup tips (, or search for her page on FaceBook. I am currently back at the store, working for the summer and our next big project is a YouTube channel where we can post tutorial videos and interviews with the guru! If you are living in Atlanta, please come check out her store (47 Irby Ave. Atlanta, Ga 30305)... I promise you will be intrigued!

She did Hyatt's, my youngest sister, makeup for her prom. What a beaute!

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